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Wearable Neck Or Upper Back Heating Pad

Brrrr! The chilly winter has certainly got to our bones, and we are not too thrilled with the ever increasing amounts of money that we need to fork out to keep ourselves warm when the mercury drops. Well, there are many ways to keep ourselves warm, and the $69.95 Wearable Neck Or Upper Back Heating Pad is definitely something worth having in store. Wearing this like a vest, it will be able to deliver targeted, soothing heat therapy straight to the neck and upper back, or if you prefer, to your middle back without inhibiting any of your movement. The cordless heating pad will wrap itself comfortably around the arms and back, where its flexible, soft fabric will contour to the unique shape of your body to ensure direct contact with the affected areas. All you need to do is place this in a microwave for a couple of minutes, heat it up for 20 seconds and the interior silica beads will release soothing heat which improves circulation and helps loosen sore, tight muscles and joints. Instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, how about giving the old man of the North Pole this? ]]>

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