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Wearable Carryon offers mobile flexibility

wearable-carryonBringing a backpack along with us when we travel seems to be something that is very normal – especially when you take into consideration how there are different kinds of backpacks that are available in the market to suit just about any and every taste. Having said that, we have seen our fair share of backpacks, but this one is slightly different from the rest – even the name itself does not refer to it as a backpack for obvious reasons. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the $129.95 Wearable Carryon.

Just like how we are not suppose to judge a book by its cover, neither should we judge an item’s capabilities by its size. The Wearable Carryon is unique in nature, as it boasts of 14 pockets which are able to hold up to 11 lbs. of clothing (this can even include a pair of jeans), making this one vest that doubles as a carry-on in order to minimize luggage when one hits the road. There will also be a pair of exterior zippered hand-warmer pockets that ensures essentials such as tickets and passports will remain handy nearby, where the vest’s interior conceals 12 spacious mesh pockets that fit enough clothes for a weekend getaway. Even when it is filled, the vest’s quilted stitching prevents a bulky appearance, yet the generous polyfill lining and sturdy ripstop shell will not sag when the pockets are unpacked. It will also be water-resistant, and sports a fleece-lined collar and ribbed cotton hem.