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These Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags save you from throwing away money

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bags

When you want to cut down on your spending, you have to look at all the things you use on a regular basis, and streamline it. If you know you make coffee in the morning but always end up buying a cup right before you walk into work, it would likely be better to make yourself a cup at home and bring it in a thermos. If you don’t want to order out every day, then it would likely be a good idea to start bringing your lunch.

If you’re really just looking to bring snacks or non-refrigerated items more than anything, then using brown paper bags may be all you need. Of course, these rip pretty quickly, and are often a one-time use ordeal. If you don’t want to use a lunchbox, then this Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag will be your new favorite food transporter. This is a reusable lunch sack that is made of a durable cotton canvas that has been given the natural wax treatment.

While it may look like a paper bag, this can hold up for as long as you let it. This can be hand washed over and over again so you never have to throw it away. It’s obviously not going to take cold or liquid items, but dry non-perishable items will do well in this. This will cost you $32, and is available in either tan or brown.

Available for purchase on napastyle, found via thegreenhead