Wavebox portable microwave oven


When the microwave oven was first released, it did change the way we live in many aspects. No longer do you need to wait for hours on end for something frozen to thaw, and heating food up takes but a couple of minutes under the high power setting. While there are certain quarters that claim eating microwaved food isn’t exactly the most healthy way to go, who wants to live forever anyways, right? After all, we’re all about convenience these days, and you don’t get any more convenient than popping in a TV dinner into your microwave whenever you’re home grouchy and hungry. Well, looks like the electrical world’s sliced bread has just gotten better with its “butter”, in the form of the Wavebox portable microwave oven.

The Wavebox portable microwave oven is pretty self-explanatory – it functions as a microwave oven, albeit you are able to bring this with you just about anywhere you go. We mean that with some common sense, of course, as we wouldn’t expect you to lug this around a shopping mall just because the waffle you bought was not hot enough for you. No sir, the Wavebox will target folks who need to prepare meals away from the kitchen or those who live off-the-grid, which includes campers, boaties and truckies among others. Tipping the scales at 6.3kg, the Wavebox will run off the mains voltage regardless of which country you are in, while you can always hook it up to your vehicle’s 12 volt battery via alligator leads with the option to plug it into your in-vehicle power outlet.

Retailing for $250 a pop, at least you won’t need to go through the hassle of starting a fire in the middle of nowhere while waiting for many minutes before your food is cooked. Just make sure your vehicle’s battery has enough charge left to keep the Wavebox going, otherwise you might end up as food for the grizzlies.

Source: Gizmag