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Waterwalkerz let’s you walk on water, in a ball

Some of you might remember ten years ago seeing The Avengers, a movie version of the popular British spy show from the sixties. The movie was a big-budget dud, and I only bring this up because of a scene where John Steed (Ralph Fiennes) and Emma Peel (Uma Thurman) walk across the Thames River in giant plastic balls.

These massive spheres filled with air are available in real life from a company called Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you are able to effortlessly walk on water with perfect balance like Steed and Peel.

However, if you like the idea of being a hamster in a ball, then this is the key to hours of fun at the pool, beach, or lake. Check out the YouTube video after the jump if you want to see these in action.

Waterwalkerz also has some other “exciting inflatables”. The Waterrollerz, for example, are just like the Waterwalkerz, but they are cylinder-shaped. They also have the Moonwalkerz, a more cushioned sphere of air that is designed for rolling around on the land.

Waterwalkerz are available throughout the world, but they have many places of availability in Britain. I’m not certain on the price of rental or sale, but they would certainly make any event something to remember.

If you have ever tried one of these rides, leave a comment. I would like to know about your experience, and I would also like to know how Waterwalkerz can seal the bubble so that it is airtight. Also, what keeps the user from suffocating inside this airtight shell?


7 thoughts on “Waterwalkerz let’s you walk on water, in a ball”

  1. We’ve something similar in New Zealand since way back. Except that instead of staggering across the Thames, they bundle you (and your mate) into a Zorb Ball, toss in a bucket of water to minimise friction burns and push you off the top of the nearest mountain. Yeeha!!


    If you like to do stupid things on your holidays, you’ll scream all the way down with this one.

  2. i’ve got 6 of the waterwalkerz in my pool. they are soooo cool. we hire them out for Birthday parties and special events. if you work in a swimming pool GET THEM!! you will make your money back within 2 months.
    have a look at

  3. hi
    we are an entertainments company based in devon and are interested in purchasing some waterwalkerz which look brilliant fun!! Do you have any contacts in China or this country where we could purchase them from? Also can they be used on grass and if so about how long do they last? Sorry just one more question do you know how much public liability insurance would be?
    Thankyou so much. You can contact me at [email protected].

  4. THAT LOOKS SO COOL!!!!! I live in michigan……. how can I get one? are they allowed in public pools? If not i can still use it at my lake house OMG I SOO NEED 1 OF THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. I’ve been in one of those! It was awesome! You can barely stand up because it keeps rotating. And BTW, according to other websites, you can stay in there for 30 minutes before suffocating. And by the way, in Waterwaklerz, no one can hear you scream.

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