Waterproof Shower Notebook lets you write down those important mid-shower thoughts

Waterproof Shower Notebook

Everyone has that one special spot where they are able to clear their mind, and do some of their best thinking. Maybe it’s under your favorite tree in the park, or on your back porch. Wherever it is, if you need to get your creative juices flowing, this is the spot to go. For me, that spot is in the shower. Whether I’m taking a long hot shower listening to my waterproof shower speakers, or soaking in the tub, most of my best ideas originate there. Unfortunately, writing them down can be a bit of a challenge, as water and paper aren’t the best of friends.

If you do most of your best thinking while relaxing in hot water, then you’ll love this Waterproof Shower Notebook. This special notebook has 80 pages that will hold whatever you write in them, regardless of the water pouring down from above. You can even write in it while it’s completely submerged in the tub. When you’ve those plans for the flux capacitor sketched out, you can tear out the page and take it with you when you get out.

This might not be the most technologically-advanced gadget out there, but sometimes it’s the simple things that make your life easier. For $17 you’ll get the 80-page notebook, complete with a pencil, and a strap to hang it up with.