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Waterproof Lock with 3 Keys – who cares if it rains?

waterproof-lockLocks have become so sophisticated in this day and age, so much so that we have since moved on to biometric locks that will allow you to lock – or unlock, a smartphone, or perhaps the front door to your home, or in the movies – especially the spy ones – a safe, or the reveal of a secret door. Having said that, there is still a huge market when it comes to traditional locks, and just in case you thought that there is no way to reinvent the padlock, think again. The $11.99 Waterproof Lock would definitely challenge the way you think.

In fact, the Waterproof Lock, accompanied by a trio of keys, will have the ability to withstand even extreme weather without missing a beat. It arrives in the form factor of a rugged steel lock that is totally encased in durable rubber, making sure that it is capable of locking out snow, sleet, rain, and dirt. There is also a special cover that will add further protection to the keyhole just in case all of the above mentioned are not enough, making it perfect when it comes to securing anything that is exposed to outdoor weather. Perhaps the door to your barn would do well to have this adorn it, right?

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