Waterproof and Fireproof USB SentrySafe

I’ve always thought it would be cool to own a safe for all of my valuables.  Especially one of the SentrySafes that are both waterproof and of course fireproof.  The problem is that I can never really think of enough items to jam in the safe that I would like to keep safe from a fire.  Well now it’s not only practical for paper files and jewelry, it’s also a great way to store data that you want to keep safe from thieves and damage from either a fire or flooding.  It wouldn’t be a big deal to store an external hard drive and other items within your average safe.  However, it doesn’t have the extra perk of a USB cord/slot.

What the USB slot is used for is to make it possible to access files within the safe, without actually having to get into it.  As long as your data is password protected, no one else will be able to get to it still.  So instead of dragging everything out, you can keep it closed and get to the files without ever having to open the door.  It might worry some that someone might hack in and get them anyway, so if you are worried about a hacker who doubles as a thief, the safe might not be a good idea.  Typically though, most people are more worried about just average thieves.  You can purchase this for 165,000 yen or about $1800.  Which is the other reason I haven’t went out and bought a safe, they’re a bit expensive.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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