Water-Powered Can Clock


If you have an area that you could really use just a normal clock, you might as well make it an eco-friendly one.  Sure, you could just hang a battery powered wall clock just as easily, but then you’re stuck buying batteries.  With this all you have to do is remember to refill it with water and thankfully you don’t even have to do that very often.  These clocks would be great to sit on a desk or tabletop to make it easier to keep track of the time.

The water in the can will actually last between 6 to 12 months before you need to add water to the clock.  Which means the clock won’t really take any more maintenance than a normal clock with batteries would.  Plus, since it doesn’t require batteries it’ll also run cheaper than the rest.  When you combine the fact that it runs cheaply with it being a cheap clock to begin with, it makes it an ideal arrangement.  You can purchase it for £9.99 or about $16 through Green Stamp.

Source: Popgadget