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The WaterO is a countertop reverse osmosis system that keeps your hydration game on point


How much water do you drink in a day? I’m not talking about tea or coffee, because that’s cheating as it’s not just straight, clear water. We’re supposed to be drinking at least 8 glasses totaling 64 ounces every day, and even more if you work out or are wanting to lose weight. Most of the time we’re drinking it from a filter at work, out of a bottle, or from the tap.

Since water isn’t always super clean, having a filtered setup around is the best way you’re going to get anyone to drink it aside from buying bottle after bottle from the store. The WaterO is hoping to be your filter of choice, as it is a countertop reverse osmosis system that will not only purify your water to the nth degree, but will also remind you through its corresponding app to drink more. You don’t need to install it or have a professional come in to tinker with anything, it’s just plug and drink.

Reverse osmosis forces water through a filter or membrane that will block the bad bits out, leaving you with super pure water. This uses a PP cotton filter, front-end activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter, and a back-end activated carbon filter, each of which take about ten seconds to change out. This setup comes with a year supply, and you’ll be looking at around $60 for another year’s worth. This system will tell you the quality of every glass you drink, and it can hold up to 3.17 quarts of water at a time. This comes in black or silver, will need a nearby outlet to glean from, and will cost you $199 if you’re willing to back this crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo