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Waterfall Fireplaces

Waterfall Fireplace

The fireplace is the focal point of many a living room (unless you have a 32″ plasma TV in the corner) but in the summer months it can look pretty boring. This interesting fireplace addition (known as the Hearthfall) will make it the permanent focal point.

The hearthfall is a waterfall that flows in front of the fire. The water can flow with or without the fire behind it. So in the summer you can have the relaxing sound of flowing water whilst in the winter the warming sound of crackling fire (or a combination of the two).

In the right room I reckon this could look great, and has the added benefit of nearby running water for those who always build the fire a tad on the large size (I may be a bit guilty of that).

Further info and available from HearthFalls (found via Crib Candy, also thanks to the Accountants directory for the help).

1 thought on “Waterfall Fireplaces”

  1. That looks really good. I like the way this allows the fireplace to made use of in the summer. I’d imagine it mke quite a southing sound too. I already have one of these period fireplces the inside is quite small and it is cast iron. Would I be able to get a Hearthfall to fit? and would the water eventuall rust the iron? hese are my main worries. But this is a great looking product and I think ‘m probabaly going to buy one after a little research.


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