Water Powered Calculator

Water Powered Calculator

I don’t know if anyone carries a pocket calculator anymore (most cell phones should have one, really), but they were all the rage back in the eighties when they figured out how to make them smaller and cheaper. Most of them became solar at that point, but there was nothing like the Water Powered Calculator.

As its name suggests, the Water Powered Calculator uses water or any other type of electrolytic liquid for power. I am assuming that Gatorade would probably work just as well. Anyway, the liquid creates a chemical reaction in the fuel cell with a zinc anode and cathode. This somehow makes an electrical current that is good for a month’s worth of power.

So the next time you are taking a math test, and your calculator runs out, you don’t have to replace the battery. All you need to do is make a trip to the water fountain.

This type of technology makes me wonder if other mobile gadgets, such as cell phones, pagers, Blackberries, and iPods could be water powered. That would certainly insure that batteries would never run out, that’s for sure. I’m not sure, but this definitely sounds like a more “green” idea for mobile tech, which is growing bigger by the day.

If this product is up your alley, you can get it at the Computer Gear website for about $19.99.