The Water Pebble – Save the Earth while you Shower

My daughter came home from school with a little booklet of things we can do to save the earth, she is supposed to pick 2 each week, and be in charge of making sure they happen. She tried to pick having one day a week with no electronics (including TV) After a family meeting, we decided that may not be the best choice. I’m leaning towards having her walk to school and having only toys without batteries, she’s not having that, but here is a little gizmo that might work for us…
Check out the Water Pebble, a neat little palm sized device that sits on the floor of your shower and monitors the water going down the drain. The Water Pebble cleverly memorizes your initial shower patterns and then slowly scales them back, reducing your shower time and helping your family conserve water, without even noticing. Now there’s something we can live with.
Using the Water Pebble is simple, you place it on the floor near the shower drain, it will flash green, amber and red as it reads your initial water usage, after that, each time you shower it will flash green to start, amber to signal you that you are halfway through (and its time to rinse your shampoo) and finally red, to let you know its time to turn off the water and get out!
So every showers water usage is reduced just a little bit, which of course eventually saves a whole lot of water. It helps the earth, it saves you money, time and thankfully, it might just get me a little hot water next time I have to shower after my kid does… after all, its her job to save the earth, and no one said it was going to be easy.
Available at for only 10 bucks.