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Water And Light Show Sprinkler adds character to any garden

water-light-show-sprinklerA sprinkler is definitely worth having if you happen to own a reasonably sized garden, and are an avid gardener with your fair collection of flowers and potted plants all around. Going off on a holiday can be quite a headache since you would need someone to come over to water your plants, and this is where a sprinkler connected to a timer comes in handy. How about settling for something with a little bit more punch, in the form of the $59.95 Water And Light Show Sprinkler?

This happens to be a sprinkler that casts a color-changing spray, where it will do its bit to transform a lawn into an effervescent water and light show. Each time water flows through the sprinkler, it will rely on kinetic energy to propel a turbine generator, which in turn powers the color changing LEDs, so that you end up with a plume of fine mist that seamlessly transitions from red through green, yellow, blue, purple, cyan and white. The lightweight, diffuse mist can be set to showcase one of seven different patterns with a twist, and it is not going to cause harm to your flower petals and seedlings, and neither shall it pool or create run off like typical sprinklers.