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The Water Clock for the extreme minimalist


This clock may be about as minimalist as it gets, but it leaves plenty of room on your part for a bit of creativity.  This clock consists only of two tiny discreet balls, anyone glancing at them would never know what they are.  Actually even after you have them all set up, it may take you a long while to figure out what time it is exactly.  With this around though, you get to choose the china you put these within, giving it your own personalized look.

They are two little magnets, the red one shows hours, whereas the small white ball shows the minutes.  Choose a cup and then a small plate, add water to them and drop in the magnets.  It then keeps time and there’s not even a need for batteries.  It doesn’t entirely explain how it all works, but I’m sure if you order it they’ll give more instructions on that sort of thing.  Despite that this is merely consisting of two little magnets, this clock is a bit on the expensive side.  The Water Clock will cost you $299 from Generate.

Source: Technabob

2 thoughts on “The Water Clock for the extreme minimalist”

  1. No.. actually I think it will need batteries. Unless it’s magic!!!

    Wait, no, on second thoughts it’s definitely powered by batteries, not magic.

  2. There will be batteries and there will be a regular clock within the plinth that has magnets on the tips of the hands to attract the magnets inside the two plastic balls. They must be delicately matched so the balls will float and not be dragged under. Beautifully done.

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