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Water Bobble has built-in filter

If you’re very careful about the water you drink, perhaps it’d be easier to carry one of these around.  Instead of just having a filter on your faucet or on a pitcher in your fridge, you can have a portable one.  It might make you feel better about drinking tap water while you’re out and about.  Plus, for those of you that like to travel to foreign countries, if you’re worried about the water, you could always take this with you.

It appears the kit comes with a bottle and all.  They’ve also gone as far as to use recycled materials.  The steps are pretty obvious.  You fill up the bottle itself, then after filled and filter is placed on the bottle, you squeeze the water through the filter.  The filter will need replaced after 2 months or 40 gallons of water.  These come in all sorts of colors and will only cost you $9.95 a piece.

Source: Ubergizmo