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Water Blasting Fire Rescue Game adds more fun to your home

water-blasting-fire-rescueSummer might be a distant memory now for those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, but there is always the pleasure of looking ahead to the next summer, right? If you have plans to move to a new place with a swimming pool before next summer rolls around, or are in the process of renovating your current pad to include one, then you ought to seriously consider installing the $10,000 Water Blasting Fire Rescue Game to be part of your home’s landscape – especially if you are going to win the “Favorite Grandpa of the Year” award from your grandchildren.

No longer do you need to head down to the likes of theme parks, state fairs, and arcades in order to enjoy a similar game, since ten grand would net you the Water Blasting Fire Rescue Game which challenges players to quench “fires” through the aiming of streams of water at range of “burning” windows. Heck, it will feature the likes of flashing lights, lighted scoring marquee, arcade sounds, and a firefighter theme, as the game would present each player with a quartet of windows which will illuminate randomly to indicate that they are on fire. Direct hits from each rapid-firing water cannon would help put out a fire, while there will be another window that is set aflame. All blasters are powered by continuous, 1/2-hp water pumps for fast action, and the guns aim up and down for quick shots. There are glass shields on the sides as well as top that keep water inside the cabinet, where it is recycled back into the game’s self-contained 5-gallon water system. Sure as heck beats any normal water blaster game if you ask me.