Watches that fulfill that Dick Tracy Fantasy

Dick Tracy

It’s Watch day here at Coolest Gadgets and for stocking stuffers, you just can’t beat these two beauties:
First, comic boon detective fans can get half their Dick Tracy fantasy with the Touchscreen Cell Phone Wristwatch. This unlocked GSM cell phone uses any sim card from an iPhone or from a GSM Cell Phone from AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile. It makes standard cell phone calls (you dial by pulling the tiny included stylus from the side of the watch and tapping the numbers on the screen ) and will also receive.

Cellphone watch

In addition, with 60MB of storage, users can play MP3 files, watch movie clips, and store hundreds of phone numbers. Users can even take notes using the stylus and the basic handwriting recognition utility built in. The watch also connects via USSB for data access and charging (there’s also an included wall adapter).

Cost is $249.99 but you can get 20% off at Think Geek.

Video Watch

For about half as much ($124 – less 20% at Think Geek), users can still enjoy television and music with the Video Watch. It’s got much better storage capability at 2GB, which means users can enjoy several full length features on it’s 1.5-inch OLED screen at 128×128 resolution, if the encoding is right. In addition, the wearer can view JPEG files and enjoy both mp3s and windows media audio files. What’s really cool is that it also sports 5 equalizer modes for audio playback and using the included earphones promises a cinema like experience. But I doubt if it’s in Dolby or THX.

Oh, and both watches tell time too.

Source: Gadgetizer

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