Watch TV on your mobile phone with the PacketVideo Mobile Broadcast Receiver

PacketVideo Mobile Broadcast Receiver

Do you enjoy watching videos on your mobile phone or other mobile device? I’ve watched a few clips here and there, but I generally try to avoid such strain on my eyes. Honestly, if I’m going to stare at something that small, it’s going to be my DS. However, for those of you that want to watch TV on your mobile phone (without settling for whatever channels your wireless carrier offers) you might be interested in PacketVideo’s Mobile Broadcast Receiver.

This little device will take your digital TV signal and converts it into a format that’s usable on a phone. It will come in versions for each of the major mobile broadcast standards such as Tdtv, DVB-H, MediaFLO and WiMAX. The device looks like it will only be compatible with some of the higher-end phones, as they listed Nokia N-series, Apple iPhone and HTC Smartphones as some of the compatible products.

I suppose that if I had a phone with a larger screen such as the iPhone I might be a little more willing to watch videos on it. However, the iPhone has little appeal to me, so I think I’ll just stick to playing my DS when I’m bored. There is currently no word on pricing or availability.

Source: UberGizmo

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