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The Watch Repair Tool Kit – gotta spend money to save money

Watch Repair Tool Kit

When you really like a piece of jewelry, you take care of it so it keeps its shine. The same can be said of a watch, but there is more involved with keeping it in top order beyond buffing it up here and there. All of the internal parts and pieces need to be working exactly as they should, and the battery has to be providing the juice, so it’s your job to make sure the status quo is maintained.

Of course, anything you wear on a daily basis is going to wear out over time regardless of how well it’s made. If you would rather make sure to fix things yourself, then it would likely benefit you to get a kit to manage minor issues when they happen without having to seek outside help. This Dazone Watch Repair Tool Kit will give you everything you should need to keep your time piece in functioning order. There are 27 pieces in all, and you would hopefully know what you’re doing before you start going to town.

This kit includes pliers, red watchcase opener, stainless steel tweezers, a watchband holder, watch dial holder, dual head hammer, 10x magnifying glass, stainless steel three jaw opening, steel tooth for three jaw opening, watch remover needle, waterproof paste, watchcase remover, cleaning cloth, dual head spring bar screwdrivers, watch adapter, single head spring bar screwdriver, red blast cleaning tool, steel band punch, screw driver, strap punches, and a nylon carrying case. Needless to say, you should have everything you need to make your watch as good as new. However, before shelling out the $23.99 to get this kit, make sure you read up on exactly how to fix things so you don’t make a mess out of a smaller issue.

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