Watch grass grow with the Timelapse Garden Video Camera

I love Hammacher and Schlemmer, if for no other reason than they always have the most pointless gadgets I was never aware I needed.  Honestly, how many people actually wake up in the middle of the night realizing that they need to have a camera on their plants so that they can keep track of their progress?  In reality, you’re setting up a camera so that you can watch the grass grow.  What’s next?  A camera specified to watch paint dry?  At least with this camera, you can claim to be setting it out to watch the miracle of life.  I’m sure that will make it seem far more practical.

You can set the camera up to show just one plant or give it a broader view so that you can watch the entire flower bed.  The camera can be set up to take a picture at one of six pre-set intervals, they can range from 5 seconds to 24 hours.  The camera is automatically shut off at dusk, so you’ll have only usable footage.  The camera has 2GB of removable storage that can hold up to 1800 pictures.  It is of course weather resistant and runs on 4 AA batteries.  You can pick this camera up for the ridiculous price of $159.95.

Source: OhGizmo