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“Watch” Me Charge

Face it. There are some inconvenient times and places to see “1% battery” on your device. Be it during an important phone call, while you are about to break a video game record or taking a picture with your favorite actor who happened to be on your airplane flight – battery drainage never seems to happen at a good time. Plenty of portable charging devices exist, yet many take the inconvenient shape of a brick.
Miniinthebox sells a more convenient power option for those critical charge times. Meet the Wrist Watch Pattern 1500mAh Portable Battery, $34.99. No it isn’t a watch, but being patterned after one means the spare power lives closest to where your device is held. So make that call, keep playing your game or take that picture in confidence. 1500mAh probably won’t get you through the day. But it will get you some solid hours of use – at least enough to get you to a charger. The unit comes with Lithium ion battery wrist band with mini-USB output, charging cord and 7 different adaptors to cover most major phone brands and Nintendo DS. So share it around the house or use it on your different devices. But most importantly have an extra charge right near the palm of your hand.

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