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Watch and Butane Lighter Combination – What could go wrong?

Cigarette Lighter

Smoking is not an admirable habit. While it has acquired a status of being “cool” by the mere fact that it is inaccessible to those beneath a certain age, it ends up being an unwanted authority over your life after prolonged use. It is now seen as far more socially acceptable to smoke pipes or cigars on special occasions. If however, this vice is more part of your everyday and you have no intention of stopping any time soon, then you are likely somewhat regularly in need of a lighter.

If you’d rather use something with a little more panache than a gas station lighter or Zippo, then this Novelty Butane Cigarette Lighter Watch might be of interest to you. It is exactly what it says, functioning both as a timepiece to wear on your wrist, and a butane watch that can light up your smoke. The strap is made of rubber, which is likely to offset the heat transfer. While this aspect may not look very appealing in contrast to the metal and quartz face, it is surely better than giving yourself a serious burn.

The strap is adjustable to fit a variety of wrists and there are no alternative sizes. This will only cost you around $9, so you can imagine how the quality would stack up against something like a Tokyoflash watch. While this will certainly get some comments, make sure you’re overly conscious of long sleeves lest you find yourself in a toasty accident.

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