Wasp Knife injects ball of gas to freeze organs, sounds unpleasant

The Wasp Knife might be the least pleasant way to be stabbed to death, not that there is a pleasant method for doing so. Designed for use by hunters and divers as protection against bears and sharks, the specially designed knife has an exploding tip that injects a highly compressed ball of gas which freezes the victims organs in a radius about the size of a basketball.

While a knife with such awesome brutality might be great for protecting against the dangers of the wild, British officials are worried that the Wasp Knife might fall into the wrong hands. Result? People dying in pretty unpleasant ways. We can only imagine how bad it would suck to have a frozen bowel.

Said to be able to “drop many of the world’s largest land predators”, the Wasp Knife literally snap-freezes any tissue or organ within the gas explosions range. And for a price of £200, it’s not totally unlikely that the knife could fall into the grasp of some non-kosher hands.

The Brits will most likely take advantage of people who are caught using a Wasp Knife as weaponry to promote the iron claw of misuse. Any one caught using the blade for something other than protection will likely find themselves in a high-profile position of criminal finger pointing.


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