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Wasp Knife injects ball of gas to freeze organs, sounds unpleasant

The Wasp Knife might be the least pleasant way to be stabbed to death, not that there is a pleasant method for doing so. Designed for use by hunters and divers as protection against bears and sharks, the specially designed knife has an exploding tip that injects a highly compressed ball of gas which freezes the victims organs in a radius about the size of a basketball.

While a knife with such awesome brutality might be great for protecting against the dangers of the wild, British officials are worried that the Wasp Knife might fall into the wrong hands. Result? People dying in pretty unpleasant ways. We can only imagine how bad it would suck to have a frozen bowel.

Said to be able to “drop many of the world’s largest land predators”, the Wasp Knife literally snap-freezes any tissue or organ within the gas explosions range. And for a price of £200, it’s not totally unlikely that the knife could fall into the grasp of some non-kosher hands.

The Brits will most likely take advantage of people who are caught using a Wasp Knife as weaponry to promote the iron claw of misuse. Any one caught using the blade for something other than protection will likely find themselves in a high-profile position of criminal finger pointing.


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16 thoughts on “Wasp Knife injects ball of gas to freeze organs, sounds unpleasant”

  1. I like how this article insinuates this knife will be used to perpetrate crimes “…freezes the victim’s internal organs.”.

    In all honestly, this is not going to be the weapon of choice for would be mass murderers, the knife uses the ENTIRE canister of gas after each use, requiring replacement before another charge can be used.

    And honestly, the worry and fear over this is not unlike the worry and fear people have towards those huge 50 caliber hunting revolvers, to date none have been documented to have been used in a criminal attack. Why? because they are ridiculously expensive for one thing, and second they are usually completely unwieldy for such a task.

    Lets apply that to this knife, it costs 350+ dollars, it has to reloaded after each charge. Why would a criminal go to such lengths to get a minor advantage when he could just as easily kill someone with a box cutter, or a hammer for that matter.

    And personally, I would much rather be shot then stabbed.

  2. @Forthac: The reason this is insinuated in the article is because the source of the link was a report about the British government being concerned about criminal activity. Your right, it’s not the most practical weapon for crime, but it sure would be a sucky way to get stabbed.

  3. This statement : —–“The Brits will most likely take advantage of people who are caught using a Wasp Knife as weaponry to promote the iron claw of misuse.” is insane ! We don’t promote the iron claw of misuse whatever the F**K that is . This is not USA (thank god! talk about Iron claws of misuse there !(iraq/afgan/vietnam/saddam/bin laden/north korea/oil/enron/sub prime/bush) we don’t let every retard walk around the town/bar/golf course with a machine gun just in case the brits invade or he’s got a small dick and needs to compensate. You might think it’s a great idea to give civillians assault rifles and granades but the rest of the entire world thinks you are retarded! Any scumbag who buys this knife and stabs someone in UK will do 15 years in jail. Sort your own country out before you talk about other peoples!!!!!!!!

  4. No one walks around with machine guns or grenades. As well the term assault rifle is a misnomer as virtually all civilian weapons are limited to semi automatic fire.

    As to the british invading, we don’t have to really worry about that now do we, you don’t have any guns.

    But seriously, the right to bear arms is not to protect from foreign invaders, its to prevent our own government from seizing too much power. As well it is a guarantee that the citizens of the US will have the right to defend them selves.

    The moment you limit the means to defense, is the moment you limit the right to defense.

  5. Your a pussy and spoken like a true limey. god bless your sweet heart. Mean while we’ll continue to kick anyone’s ass that needs it.

  6. This is why we have guns in America. To protect us from psychos who would use knives like this against others. Since they’re not going away (bad guys will always have weapons), might as well arm yourself. Too bad more people don’t. I’m sure they would if not for anti-gun propaganda.

  7. “Any scumbag who buys this knife and stabs someone in UK will do 15 years in jail”

    Er… 15 years for what exactly – murder?
    Those convicted for any serious violent offence get an automatic 33% reduction in sentence JUST FOR ADMITTING THE OFFENCE! 15 years – don’t make me laugh!
    I am old enough to remember the abolition of capital punishment. At that time the government promised that a life sentence would mean life. Then the bleeding heart liberals started to whinge about rehabilitation. Now the aspect of punishment is forgotten and perpetrators have more rights than the victims. That’s why we have the violent society we have now. There is no fear of authority any more. That is the root cause, and the quicker the public here in UK scream for retribution the better!

  8. A US citizen can buy a fully automatic gun for defence purposes in some states .
    I would expect that the knife would only be of use to divers that consistantly dive with large sharks or by lion tamers ?

  9. Um. It would have the most use with criminals. It would be incredibly easy to conceal, and if stabbed into the lungs would drop someone with very little noise. Divers have shark repellent and bangsticks to deal with sharks, chief.

    If there’s a shark close enough to you that you can use a knife, you don’t have time to draw it, and if you knew it was coming, you’d use the bangstick before reaching for this little thing.

  10. @Sohei Fox

    You don’t seem to understand how to take someone out quietly. Stabbing someone in the lung and injecting them with a basketballs worth of gas would be far from quiet. Slitting someones throat would be a more silent way to kill someone and that doesn’t require a £200 knife.

  11. Will do, in the mean time I see no defense of your own points.

    Why would a criminal use an extremely expensive knife when he could get comparable results with a far less expensive alternative.

    And address the fact that (generally) people have more then one lung.

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