Washing Machine project lets it Twitter when finished

Everyone has dealt with those days where you’re running around and doing other things so much that you forget all about the load of laundry you put into the washer or dryer.  Then you come back and they’re either overly wrinkly or mildewed.  Now luckily dryers do have buzzers, however, if you have a house where the washer and dryer are away from the main living area, then that’s really not helpful.  Frankly, leaving your laundry to sit might be a rare occurrence, or one that happens every single time you do a load of laundry.  Either way, someone has decided to create a hi-tech fix that will work on even the most archaic dryer.

He has a video posted on YouTube that might help out those of you that are good at DIY projects.  Basically he has it set up so a giant flashing sign lets him know when to switch out the load.  However, for those of you geeks that like to keep your geeky style a little less obvious there are other options.  It can also be set up to Twitter you when the load is finished.  Now not all washers make you have to worry about rushing to change out the load, but I’ve had experience with a washer that you couldn’t leave the load in for even a few hours because it got a strange smell.  It was the only washer I’ve had that issue with, but it got overly frustrating after a while.  To watch the video, just follow the link.

Source: Techeblog

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