Wash, not wipe

Travel Washlet

Bidet’s are taking Japan by storm. So, since it’s no secret that outside of high class 4 star hotels, a bidet is hard to come by, being a sophisticated traveler on a budget can make being accustomed to the cleaning one’s hind quarters with a gentle spray rather problematic.

I mean, let’s face it, hotel toilet paper isn’t really “squeezably” soft, and for many, they are so accustomed to the bidet that wiping is simply not
something they appreciate, much less consider.

Therefore, Toto’s Travel Washlet may just be the gadget for the international traveller used to such accommodations. Carrying approximately 20 seconds of water (180 milliliters) for spraying, the hand-held unit allows it’s user to mist in between the legs or from behind much like it’s hotel bound cousin, although it doesn’t come with a blow drying feature, which would mean having to dry oneself after cleaning.

Still, if one prefers a gentle wash to the harsh grind of hotel toilet paper, the Travel Washlet may be a perfect, and civilized, option for completing one’s “business.”

The Travel Washlet appears to be powered by AA batteries, an extendable spray arm and comes in colors of both pink and blue to please both sexes. It costs about $100 USD.

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