Warmkeyboard for the Chilled Typist

warmkeyboard.jpgYou all have that person in your office or at home: the Chilly Willy. Once Halloween hits and up through Memorial Day, they’re always bundled up in many layers of sweaters and fleece and are huddled under blankets complaining that they’re “freezing”. Despite the fact that the environment is kept at 70 degrees thanks to modern heating technology, they’re always cold. Always. And they have no problems telling you about it as often as they can.

The only time I have any problems being cold is if I’m in my home office in the dead of winter and I’ve been coding websites all day. But I get hot tea and drink it – problem solved! But what gift can you get your co-worker or house-mate to use on their computer AND solve part of their chilled problem?

This holiday season, is selling the Warmkeyboard. It looks like a regular, beige, USB keyboard – but under the proverbial hood is heating technology to warm up the keys to a comfortable temperature. No more cold fingers while you type! As far as other features go, it’s a standard 104-key keyboard that includes height adjustment and 11 different multimedia hotkeys.

As mentioned, it connects via USB and an additional AC adapter to power its heater. As far as I can tell, it should work on both PC’s and Macs.

This great gift idea can be bought at for $49.99.

[ via Ubergizmo]