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This Warming Foot Massager is a sweet treat for your feet

Heated Foot Massager

It’s not exactly fun to be stuck in the dead of winter with your body shivering while trying to save money on your bills by keeping the heat low. Your muscles tense up and you dream of summer while staring out the window as even more snow falls on the ground. The only job you need to worry about is keeping yourself alive and entertained while considering, but never actually getting ahead on work.

It’s a challenge to stay warm and relaxed because we’re often so used to working that we forget how to unwind. If you need more than some blankets and tea to get your brain and body to calm down, then this Warming Foot Massager might be able to assist you. This looks like massive fleece slippers that are sewn together and in essence, they are. Of course, if that’s all you really wanted then you likely wouldn’t be paying out $49 for them.

This device will do far more than warm up your tootsies though. This can heat, vibrate, or a combination of both for your feet to enjoy. There are two separate switches for the heat and massage aspects, and a high or low speed for the vibration. This can only fit up to a men’s size 11 or a woman’s size 12.5, so anyone beyond that will be out of luck. You’ll very likely want to wear socks with this so that you aren’t leaving any aromatic smells behind, but if that’s considered homey to you, stink away.

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