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This Warm Mist Humidifier tackles the dry cold air of winter

Warm Mist Humidifier

Snow is beautiful, and blankets the hills and valleys with fresh white powder every winter. Of course, that’s the pretty and nice aspect of the season. The rest of the time it’s salt-covered cars, slipping and falling on your butt, and having a hard time sleeping thanks to the frigid cold and dry air that makes having a cold 100 times worse than normal.

This is where a humidifier and tons of blankets come in, but if you don’t yet have the humidifier and are always cold, this Warm Mist Humidifier can help. Not only will this increase the humidity in your room, but it can keep going for up to 22 hours. During that time, it’s going to be putting one and a half cups of water out per hour, meaning you’ll be close to breathing in a pool by the time it’s done. It is also capable of distributing the moisture over up to 300 square feet.

Seeing that it can run well over two times the amount of hours most humidifiers can, the $169.99 is expected, yet still a bit high. This posh machine has a removable two-gallon tank, hot or cold options for the mist, a night light. and automatic humidity control. The places that would likely need this the most probably can’t afford it, but hopefully those people have a rich friend who they can guilt into buying it for them.

Available for purchase on Hammacher