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The Wardrobe Dryer saves you trips to the laundromat

Wardrobe Dryer

When you live in a bigger city, you have to choose what sort of tiny apartment you want, asĀ options go from expensive to unaffordable very quickly. The cheaper you go, the less space, amenities, and sanity you get. Having counter space is a joke, and you’d be surprised at just how small ovens can get. Functioning in that small of a space means you need to use it as wisely as possible while also trying to cut costs wherever you can.

Most apartments on the smaller size don’t have washer and dryer hookups, and don’t even have a laundry room, meaning you have to find a laundromat. If you’d rather do your dirty work on your own schedule, you can get a small-scale washer and this Wardrobe Dryer to save time and money. It’s a metal, rolling clothes rack that has a cover which you zip over the entire structure. There are vents at the top, and a ceramic heater at the bottom with a fan to dry clothes over one or two hours.

This 1000 Watt heater can take on around 33 pounds of clothing at a time, and will be more multi-functional than you’d think. It will dry clothes any given time of the year, but can be a heater for your apartment in the winter, and of course, will be extra storage for your clothing. It’s a $72.99 purchase that looks like it will be sturdy enough to last until you get a promotion which will allow you to move into a place with real closet space.

Available for purchase on Amazon