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Warcraft – Horde Strongbox shows off which faction you support

warcraft_faction_bundle_horde_chestSo, you happen to grow up on a steady diet of Blizzard Entertainment’s digital fare, and have thoroughly enjoyed the likes of franchises such as Diablo, Starcraft and of course, Warcraft. For those Warcraft fans out there, if you are one who is for the Horde, then you would do well to adorn your home with the $39.99 Warcraft – Horde Strongbox. After all, this is one limited edition chest of goodies that will celebrate your Warcraft faction, with only 2,500 of these produced per faction as a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive.

It will come with its fair share of real-world loot, allowing you to drink your favorite hot beverage (cold ones will do just fine as well) for the Horde, or perhaps to swipe your badge for the Horde, and to seal all of the envelopes with a classy Crush Your Enemies wax seal — kisses not required. The 12 oz. Horde mug, a snap-closure Horde wristguard that measures 17″ long, a repeat-print lanyard with quick-release clip and swivel clip, a two-sided metal keychain with split ring, a huge “Crush Your Enemies” wax seal stamp and one stick of red sealing wax will make up the Warcraft – Horde Strongbox.

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