Wappy Dog for 3DS

I guess that there is nothing that can be done with “pet” games other than linking them with real pets, but until that day, there is Wappy Dog.
Wappy Dog is from video games industry giant Activision, and the toy that you see in the picture is designed to wirelessly work in sync with a 3DS game. The Wappy Dog toy has light up cheeks that can express Wappy’s different mood states from unhappy to fully content via different colors.
As you might have guessed, the object is to make certain Wappy is a happy puppy, and to keep its cheeks the color of contentment. The player/user can talk to Wappy as it recognizes more than 18 different voice prompts, and it can respond with more than 350 barks that are “translated” with the 3DS.
Wappy also has another interesting feature that allows you play with the toy version while you are away. Whatever you did on the 3DS will be synced in with the Wappy toy when you arrive home.
Wappy should be available sometime around Christmas, but I am wondering why he is called Wappy. After all, when I think of a “Wappy Dog”, I think of my mother-in-law’s Great Dane. I tell you, when that dog gets happy, its tail gets “whappy” as a small yet painful whip. I hope this toy robot dog can’t wag its tail like that.