Wanna get pregnant? Get a Nokia

Don’t you just find it to be ironic that there are folks out there who are trying their darndest best to start a family, while others go to abortion clinics simply because they aren’t ready to face up to the responsibility of being a parent, and yet want to have fun on the sidelines. Well, if you have tried all sorts of remedies and taken in more advice on getting pregnant than you thought you ever would, how about giving it (listening to advice) one more shot?

Nokia might have the solution for you – thanks to a next generation app on the Ovi Store. After all, medical science has proved that before one can conceive, it would be prudent to make sure that both parents are in good health, so to have a Body Mass Index Calculator on your handset would definitely be a good thing as it lets you know what your ideal body weight should be, and as you work towards that figure, experts think that it would also be far easier to conceive then.


I am quite sure that other smartphone platforms will most probably have a similar app, but let’s give Nokia a chance now, shall we? It isn’t to say that their phones turned bad overnight – no sir, but rather, it seems that the competitors of the Finnish handset company had become extremely good over the past few years.

Apart from making sure you have your ideal body weight, smoking might be an issue as well. Quitting those cigarettes are easier said than done, and if you want to quit but can’t quite come to terms with that concept just yet, perhaps the No Smoking app would be of assistance, and the Diet Log is more than capable of helping you track your nutrition habits by giving charts with weekly and monthly averages so that you can monitor and evaluate your well-being. Heck, the more meticulous among you can even record each time you drink a glass of water, eat a slice of bread or soak up some sugar.

The Period Tracker and Menstruation and Fertility app will target the (obviously) female demographic, since it tracks cycles and delivers predictions on your dates, so that you are able to know when the body is at its most fertile stage.

Now that you’re armed and ready with your Nokia smartphone, it is time to find that hunk of a doctor…