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New Wallet offers alternative protection for your iPhone

New RFID blocking Wallet

There is nothing quite like being able to own a spanking new smartphone, especially when you are about to make the migration to a new platform, so having the shiniest thing would be worth the effort and money, since it also doubles up as a talking time. For those who have worked hard to save up for a new iPhone, here is something that you might want to consider – a brand new protective case of course. New Wallet has this in mind, where this consumer technology startup has made the announcement that they will be shipping its product, and has turned live on Amazon. Backers will be able to pick up their units in time for the holidays.

The New Wallet is an all-in-one phone case & wallet with key tracker, where it will be made available for all versions of the iPhone 5 and 6. As its name suggests, it will be totally new in a sense where it merges a wallet and phone case into a single, simple well-designed device, before connecting them to your keys with a Bluetooth tracker so that you remain organized, protected, and connected.

Karen Crawford, New Wallet’s founder and CEO, shared, “We’ve worked really hard to produce a simple, well-designed product that revolutionizes how our customers carry life’s essentials. And, we’re excited to share that we were able to enhance materials, function and design between the prototype we had built for our Kickstarter campaign in April and the product we now have to deliver.”

The New Wallet will ensure you get organized with its Flip ID, fanned credit card holder, while providing easy access to your most important items. It will also offer protection in the form of RFID blocking and a durable case, while the locking mechanism with an audible sound to let you know your stuff won’t fall out that arrives in a clamshell design is certainly a looker. There is also the added advantage of automatic alerts when it gets lost or stolen, alongside a key fob activated alert. Those who would like to pick up the New Wallet on Amazon can do so for all versions of iPhone 5 and 6 for $99 a pop.