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Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool ups the ante from its predecessor

wallet-ninja-proWe have seen the Wallet Ninja last year, which proved to be quite the purchase to carry around if you so happen to want to be a MacGyver, saving damsels in distress wherever you are. If you felt that the Wallet Ninja itself was good, but not great, perhaps the slim and stealthy £9.99 Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool would be able to change your mind into picking one up!

The Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi-Tool, as its name suggests, is the first 100% flat 26-in-1 multi-tool in the whole wide world. I suppose you can say that this is a whole lot more impressive than arrows dipped in poison, as it is perfect for trade professionals such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Just like the ancient ninja, it will be stealthy, thanks to the relatively thin form factor, allowing you to slip it into pockets and wallets without missing a beat. Do take note, however, that it does not double up as a deadly shuriken, so there’s no point in throwing it around. The 26 devices would include a protractor, 4 hex head wrenches, 3 hex head indicators, 13 drill bit guides, nail puller, bottle opener, CM & inch ruler.