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The Wall Outlet Space Heater keeps small rooms warm

Wall outlet space heater

When it’s chilly outside, we want to keep our home a bit warmer than freezing, but we also don’t want to run up the electricity bill by making it feel like summer indoors. The best way to fight off the cold while working at home is lighting a candle on your desk, and keeping a space heater nearby while wearing more sweaters than you ever think you’ll need. If you happen to live in a smaller home or apartment, then you don’t need an industrious space heater to keep your place warm.

Not only that, but you don’t even need a regular-sized version if you’re in a room no bigger than 250 square feet. The Wall Outlet Space Heater is perfect for little rooms that need a bit of help keeping warm. It will take over your outlet thanks to its bulky size, but it can give you a precise temperature between 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit rather than a generic high or low setting. There are timers to turn it on automatically, and it will shut itself off instantly should the unit start to get dangerously warm.

The infrared heating element’s fan has two speeds, and the plastic housing was made to stay cool to the touch when it’s running. This will cost you $49.95, and would be perfect for a smaller office or bathroom. It’s funny how walking into a warm room on a cold day can instantly turn a bad day into a pleasant one.

Available for purchase on Hammacher