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Wall Mounted Outlet Extender adds convenience to your home

wall-mounted-extenderAh, the humble power outlet, which has so often proven to be the exact lifeline that all power depleted gadgets seek for, has just received an enhancement. After all, a life that is full of options would definitely be a whole lot more interesting to live, since it delivers a sense of flexibility, and with the $39.95 Wall Mounted Outlet Extender, this is one power outlet which can be mounted to a wall up to 6 feet away from a current outlet, which in turn would offer a far more convenient method of accessing AC and USB power – without having to go through any kind of hardwiring process.

Not only that, it is also neater compared to a regular extension cord which frankly, looks ugly even until today. Still, I guess you can more or less say that this is some sort of variant of the cool looking Eubiq. Basically, the Wall Mounted Outlet Extender will be mounted to a wall thanks to the included hardware, where you will then plug one end into an existing 120-volt grounded outlet with its 6′-long cord, hence doing away with the need to start shuffling some of your other furniture around, such as a nightstand or a dresser before you are actually able to access an inconveniently located outlet.

The Wall Mounted Outlet Extender will boast of two AC ports and an equal number of 2.4-amp USB ports on the side, letting you juice up appliances and recharge smartphones or tablets simultaneously, saving time along the way.