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Wall Mounted Grill

Wall Mounted Grill

Not everyone has the room for a full patio set along with some serious grill that makes everyone green with envy. While there are plenty of great indoor grills, those might not be worthy replacement for everyone. Thankfully there are still designers out there that are happy to create things for anyone that prefers to keep their living space pretty minimal.  One designer out of Australia has created a grill that anyone even with the smallest outdoor space could easily use.

Of course you’ll probably need to own the place you’re in, since most renters might not like you mounting a grill to the outside wall of their building.  This grill folds up into the wall to the point that it’s barely noticeable.  It has a protective dish over the wall to shield it from smoke and heat damage.  Then the ash pan itself can hold quite a bit of ash, allowing for you to grill several times before it needs to be emptied.  In order to find out more about the Sigmafocus Grill, you’ll have to contact Focus.

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