Wall-Mounted Digital Scale And Clock

This is a brill idea and, yet again, so simple! The usual type of kitchen scales are generally quite bulky and take up a fair amount of space on the worktop, so by being able to hang it up when you’ve done, thereby freeing up valuable work area, is great.

Not only that, but when not in use, it doubles up as a clock/room temperature display. Just pop the scale back over the clock and lock in place (I do like multi-function things).

The scale can weigh items up to 7lbs and transmits the information via infrared signal to the wall-mounted display (in metric and, for us oldies, also in imperial measurements!)

The scale is controlled by touchscreen so should be pretty easy to use even when up to the elbows in pastry mix.

The only other thing I’d mention is that it appears to need quite a few batteries (7 x AAA batteries!) However, it does come “batteries included” when you order.

Available from Hammacher Schlemmer at $89.95.