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The Wall Cleat keeps unused cables tidy

Wall Cleat

Some products are meant for a very specific audience, while others can be used by most of the general public. When it comes to storing cables, most of us already have a decent system in place. However, there are some instances where we need an extension cable or two, and there are times where you don’t always have to have it plugged inĀ either.

For those that want a tidy home with everything exactly where it should be, meet the Wall Cleat. This is a 3D printed wall plate that is not much different from what you already have around the house, with the difference being that it has a tab on the top and bottom. The idea is simple, and its construction is too, as it’s made of a strong nylon plastic with a matte finish. You can get it in white, blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, green, orange, and black.

This will let you wrap unused cables around the outlet where you would normally plug them in so they’re not sitting on the floor. Of course, the drawback is that you really shouldn’t plug in a cable that is coiled, so you’d have to unwrap it every time you wanted to use it. It would certainly make things look a bit neater around the house in between uses, but paying out around $51 for it is a bit too luxurious for such a small, part-time improvement.

Available for purchase on shapeways

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