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Walking Dead Zombie String Lights helps you prepare for Halloween early

walking-dead-string-lightsI know that Halloween is still quite some time away, but this does not mean that one is unable to make the relevant preparations a whole lot earlier, right? If you happen to be a huge fan of the Walking Dead series, where the term “zombie” has never been uttered a single time all this while, other than calling them “walkers” and the ilk, perhaps you might want to check out the $24.99 Walking Dead Zombie String Lights that are sure to light up your home or apartment with a sense of dread.

Each string will come with 10 light-up walker heads (made from a couple of molds for a somewhat limited variety), and they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. If you would like the entire eerie mood to be a whole lot more festive, then you can always connect multiple strings together. Measuring 9 feet in length in total, these are officially licensed AMC’s The Walking Dead merchandise, and each purchase will come with a quartet of replacement bulbs, while a single flashing bulb makes it perfect for those all night undead raves. This is the perfect companion to Daryl’s Crossbow, if you will.

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