Walker’s Path Illuminating Belt

“Let there be light!” should be a common phrase for you if you happen to purchase the $59.95 Walker’s Path Illuminating Belt for your own use. There is nothing quite comforting (and potentially life saving, too) like a shining light on the path ahead whenever you indulge on night time jungle treks or are exploring a new cave in the bowels of the earth. The Walker’s Path Illuminating Belt is a hands-free safety light which was designed for walkers and runners, and it can be worn comfortably around the waist while illuminating the path ahead without encumbering your hands.
The LED has a brightness rating of 100-lumens, where you can set it to a trio of light intensities. Not only that, it can be adjusted 110° horizontally for use as either a wide-angle floodlight or narrow spotlight. For added safety, rear-mounted red LEDs and reflective orange detailing will ensure you have a visible presence to vehicles approaching from behind at all times. The Walker’s Path Illuminating Belt is powered by a trio of AA batteries, so getting rechargeables might be a good idea if you wear it each day whenever you pound the pavement.

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