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Walk By Scrabble Board jogs your mind as you pass

walk-by-scrabbleIn this day and age, it can be pretty difficult to find children or the younger ones to like boardgames. After all, this particular generation has grown up on a steady diet of video games as well as having things in an instant, or at least, they demand it that way. How about engaging them in some word games with the $29.95 Walk By Scrabble Board? Chances are when they first take a look at it, they would be wondering how come this Scrabble Board is quite unlike anything that they have ever seen before, that is, it does not come with any kind of touchscreen, but gasp! You will need to manipulate the tiles physically. Now that is definitely a novel idea for them.

The Walk By Scrabble Board is wall mounted so that it will be able to carry out leisurely, ongoing contests with family members, co-workers, or roommates. The board’s regulation surface comprises of tin, allowing the 100 magnetic tiles to remain firmly affixed, even if there is a tremor in the vicinity. Each time you walk by, you can always make a move and stash your letters on the metal strips that hang from the board’s base. Of course, once your turn is done, just flip the strip over for secrecy. There is a dry-erase message board located next to the playing surface for the players to keep track of the score, and I guess it is the ideal game to promote the virtue of honesty as well.