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Wald Plug Lamp oozes with class

wald-plug-lampA lamp is a pretty handy thing to have around, especially since it does deliver an amount of soft lighting that might just set the mood for a more romantic rendezvous with your other half. The thing is, with so many different kinds of lamps and night lights to choose from, such as the Eye of Sauron lamp for Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, just which model should you go for? It really depends on your taste and preference, actually, as there is a little bit of something for everyone. For those who would want something that has veered off the beaten path, the Wald Plug Lamp might just fit the bill perfectly.

The Wald Plug Lamp can be added to your wall – all without the need for nasty looking running wires. This is a self-contained lighting solution that will pair up with either Ohio-sourced White Ash or locally-sourced American Walnut, where it will be accompanied by an anodized aluminum support in either bluish gray or dark olive. The wood itself happens to be hand finished in multiple coats of wax or oil for added protection, and it will be able to accept majority of most medium-based bulbs, with the plug itself being easily adjustable to support both traditional and upside-down outlets. One can choose from 24″ and 36″ varieties, with prices ranging from $140 to $160.