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WalabotDIY allows consumers to gain X-ray vision for home improvement projects

walabotBeing able to see through walls, or right past a block of concrete is definitely something that many of us would love to have. After all, it would turn us into super sleuths, as we can figure out just where hidden compartments are in a crime scene, and of course, for the boys who have their raging hormones in check, they might use it to satisfy their lust. Not so with the $299 WalabotDIY, however, as it is a device that enables one to gain ‘Superman vision’, or X-ray vision, depending on how you would like to call it.

The WalabotDIY is a 3D imaging tool that offers consumers the chance to enjoy ‘Superman vision’ when it comes to tackling home renovation projects, construction and DIY tasks. Vayyar Imaging is the company behind the WalabotDIY, a device that has been specially created for the home renovator, construction worker, and DIY enthusiast.

With the WalabotDIY, one will be able to see through drywall, cement and other materials in order to determine the location of pipes, wires, and even rodents’ nests if you would like to flush out those pests. It is available in the US at launch exclusively, where the power of 3D imaging will now be made available to consumers in the palm of their hand for the first time.

It does not matter whether you would like to hang a gallery wall, or to install some shelves, or even to hunt down the pesky leak or to drill into a wall without the fear of hitting a pipe or electrical wire, the WalabotDIY is able to help you out. It plays nice with all smartphones that are powered by Android 5.0 and above, where it will be equipped with USB OTG, and connects magnetically to the back of the phone. All you need to do is to download the WalabotDIY app via Google Play and go through a short calibration process, where the WalabotDIY can then be used to scan the wall, and the wall images are then projected on the smartphone’s screen.

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