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WakeMate works with your cellphone to wake you gently


There are a few different types of alarm clocks that allow for you to be soundlessly woken up.  This one actually works with your cellphone though. Not only that, but it actually waits for a slightly more opportune moment to do the waking.  Such as when you’re a little more awake, instead of when you’re just absolutely dead to the world.  With a gadget like this you wouldn’t have to wake up quite so grumpy any longer, so it’d be a gift for the whole family.

The wristband stays on you all night long and monitors your sleep patterns.  If you seem to not wake feeling all that rested in the morning, it’ll let you know how to improve your sleep through their Analytics Platform.  The device works with any old cellphone, not just the iPhone.  Right now it’s not actually out, but it is expected to ship out the 25th of this coming January.  You can pre-order the $49.99 device now and only pay $5 down on it.

Source: Ubergizmo