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Wake Up & Smell the Bacon is a unique way to wake up

bacon-alarmThe Oscar Mayer brand intends to introduce something new to the world for the first time ever with a unique iOS device that will enable those who wake up early in the morning to the wonderful smell of bacon, all without having to even lift a frying pan, not to mention avoiding having to clean up the kitchen afterwards from all the oil slicks that have formed along the walls and stove. Not only that, the device comes with the perfect name – Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, where it will synchronize with the Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon iPhone application which will emit the scent and sound of sizzling bacon when it is time to wake up and face a brand new day.

Those who are interested will be able to apply from now all the way through to Friday, April 4th over here in order to stand a chance to pick up a free Wake Up & Smell the Bacon device. There might not be any free lunch in the world, but surely the free smell of bacon first thing in the morning is worth a shot! In order to use the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon, all you need to do is to download the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app, hook up the detachable device into the headphone jack of an iPhone, and then enjoy the scent of sizzling bacon. You will be unable to find this unique device in stores with limited quantities in circulation, so the proverb “the early bird gets the worm” applies here.

If Lady Luck has deserted you, and you did not receive this special device, there is still the option to download the Wake Up & Smell the Bacon application for free in the App Store, so that you can always wake up to the sound of sizzling bacon in addition to amusing bacon sayings or “baconisms”, as it is better known. Want the smell? Go ahead and cook some bacon strips for yourself.

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