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Wagz dog collar wearable unveiled

wagzWe humans love to have our fair share of devices to help make life better, but what about our four legged furry kids? Wagz might be on to something new here with a dog collar wearable that will make up part of the very first connected pet home system in the world. Known as the Wagz Explore Smart Collar, it will rely on data-driven insights in order to assist dog owners when it comes to tracking, monitoring, and communicating with their pets in a whole new groundbreaking manner.

Touted to be the very first high-tech dog wearable of its kind in the world, the Wagz Explore Smart Collar will bring together real-time data, geofencing capability as well as artificial intelligence in order to be of help to pet owners when it comes down to the crunch, as in assisting them in ensuring that their beloved canines remain on their property. Of course, there are also other “No Go” zones for certain pet owners, including making sure that their pets are not lounging on their favorite couch, staying out of trouble generally, and having a more healthy diet.

Being a HD video-enabled collar, it will stay in touch with the rest of Wagz’s ecosystem of devices, including high-tech doors, feeders, water dishes, and treat dispensers as part of an effort to eliminate hundreds of worries for pet owners. Imagine the Wagz Explore Smart Collar tracking your pet’s whereabouts regardless of where it is, while ensuring that they remain safely at your side on long walks. This is certainly a welcome departure from older yet more expensive technologies such as invisible fences and bark collars, as it merges the strength of precise geofencing and ultrasonic deterrence technologies.

Not only that, you will receive temperature alerts whenever your pet’s ambient temperature is too high or low, allowing you to provide the proper attention it deserves.

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