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Wacom has new collection of Bamboo styluses

wacom-bamboo-duoWacom recently introduced a couple of new tablets in the form of the Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio, and it looks like Wacom is on a roll. After all, they are keen on further expanding their stylus family that will pave the way for a connected life — introducing the Bamboo Omni, Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo. This new stylus family will pave the way for quick input and precise response regardless of the mobile device that you are using. We shall look at the different styluses in greater detail right after the jump.

For starters, the Bamboo Omni is a fine-tip stylus which should be able to work right out of the box on majority of iOS and Android touchscreen devices with a simple twist. It lets you perform note taking in double quick time, delivering an intuitive experience in note-taking apps, such as Bamboo Paper. There is no need to pair the Bamboo Omni to the device as a simple twist is all that is required. The stylus works great thanks to its innovative RES (Reflective Electro Static) technology, and can be juiced up via USB. It has a 1.9 mm thin tip that is durable and soft on the screen, while sporting an ergonomic triangular design and a premium soft-touch surface that feels comfortable and well-balanced. Expect the Bamboo Omni to arrive in black or white shades.

As for the Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo, both of them have been specially designed to deliver a better touchscreen experience. Sporting a comfortable triangle shape and soft-touch surface, the Bamboo Solo and Bamboo Duo deliver a more precise, smudge-free interaction regardless of the touchscreen device it is used with, as the long-lasting and replaceable carbon fiber tip works smoothly on all touchscreens. The Bamboo Duo will live up to its namesake thanks to a replaceable ballpoint pen that is located at the opposite end of the pen, transforming it into a two-in-one stylus for fluid writing on screens and on paper.

Expect the Bamboo Solo to retail for $19.95, while the Bamboo Duo will cost $29.95 a pop, with the Bamboo Omni being the most expensive of the lot for $49.95.

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