Wacky Car Wheel Alarm Clock

car-wheel-alarm-clock.jpgClocks are everyday devices that we rely on to keep our lives going at a predictable pace. 6am often signals the wake up time for many as they get ready to meet the grueling challenges of the day ahead (unless it’s a weekend, of course). This means having an alarm clock of some sort in your bedroom is vital, but why settle for something that looks so ordinary when you can settle for the Car Wheel Alarm Clock? The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory – this alarm clock comes in the shape of a car wheel and, well, boasts an alarm to get your lazy ass out of bed in the mornings.

The Car Wheel Alarm Clock does not use the regular buzzer when it comes to waking you up though, as the tire will actually spin and simulate a burnout in your bedroom. A female voice will then exclaim much to your surprise, “the exorcism wool [ning]!”. Chances are the creators of this alarm clock had a great idea but screwed it up with some half hearted translation on Google or Babelfish. Nevertheless, should the Car Wheel Alarm Clock actually be a bestseller worldwide, chances are you will start seeing people wear T-shirts with the words “the exorcism wool” emblazoned across the chest.

The Car Wheel Alarm Clock looks like a pretty good gift idea, but it applies only to juveniles and those who have not yet outgrown toy cars. Adults most definitely prefer something more subtle and definitely a whole lot more class.

Source: Gizmodo

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